Our deliverables

We have developed several levels of services for organizations wishing to comply with the Regulation. Each level is adapted to the available level of competence available inside the organization and to the objectives of the program. Here is what we offer, just click on each service to learn all the details.

Do not forget, however, that LegIT-Team’s first and foremost purpose is to help you according to your needs! We remain open to discussing with you any subject in order to fit your situation, and to offer you services that will correspond exactly to your requests and your expectations.

GDPR Compliance Kit

This is a toolbox with guidelines to enable your organization to achieve compliance by itself.

GDPR Internal Audit

We intervene on site to create a detailed inventory of your organizations’ personal data processing activities, your current practices and existing measures to ensure the security of personal data, then we analyze the information collected to determine the needs for change in the processes and policies, the documentation to be created or adapted, and finally we make recommendations on how to prioritize steps to be undertaken.

GDPR Compliance Project Management

We define and carry out all steps necessary to achieve initial compliance, including the design and delivery of training or awareness contents to affected staff.

This is a subscription to be kept informed on a regular basis of technological and legal evolution regarding personal data protection, including a periodical compliance audit of the organization’s practices and guaranteed available time for questions and counseling.

DPO role service

This subscription includes the complete range of tasks to be completed by a Data Protection Officer (DPO):

  • Information on the evolution of legal and technological environment that could find application to the organization
  • Regular audits on compliance to the Regulation and other applicable laws
  • Development and delivery of training and awareness programs for the staff
  • Regular audits of on-going compliance
  • Contacts with the appropriate supervisory authority as needed concerning any question or consultation on behalf of the organization
  • On-demand consulting on new projects that include collection or processing of personal data to ensure compliance by design
  • Recommendations on risk management concerning personal data processing activities and evolving, applicable evaluation criteria
  • Consulting for the design and execution of DPIAs (Data Protection Impact Assessment), including submission to the competent supervisory authority and obtaining the necessary approvals
  • Compliance project management when concerning the Regulation and applicable, complementary legislation
  • Recommendations on management of incidents or other events creating action duties for your organization.
Representative Services

Organizations without establishments within the territory of the European Union: we offer Representative Services as per Section 27 of the Regulation in France. Our establishment in this country would be the official contact point between the French supervisory authority and data subjects on the one hand, and your organization on the other hand.